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Your Trusted Partner in Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

At Timothy Alexander and Associates LLC, we are dedicated to being your reliable partner in all your financial endeavors. With years of experience in bookkeeping and tax preparation, our expert team is committed to empowering your financial success.
We understand that each client’s needs are unique, and that’s why we take a personalized approach to deliver tailored solutions that fit your business or family. Our comprehensive range of services includes meticulous bookkeeping, accurate financial reporting, and proactive tax planning.
As a client-centered firm, we prioritize building strong relationships based on trust, integrity, and transparency. Our goal is to not only ensure compliance with tax regulations but also to optimize your financial strategies and maximize your savings.


Your Success, Our Priority, Unraveling the Way We Get Results.

At TIMOTHY ALEXANDER AND ASSOCIATES, LLC, we are passionately committed to your success. Through close collaboration and personalized strategies, we unravel the most effective path to achieve tangible and lasting results. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in unlocking your full financial potential and realizing your aspirations.

How do I know which accountant is right for me?

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Does your accountant return your calls? Do you feel comfortable asking them a question? Do you feel heard? With the right accountant, the answers should be a resounding “Yes!”